Collection: Garage & Mechanics Workshop Signage

Garage Workshop Safety Signs for Mechanics and garages

Our garage safety signs are specifically crafted to address the unique hazards present in automotive environments. From warning signs to instructional messages, our comprehensive selection ensures that your garage operates with the utmost safety. High-quality materials and vivid, durable printing make our signs suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, standing up to the rigours of a busy garage environment.

  • Caution: Slippery Floor - Prevent accidents with our attention-grabbing signs. Ideal for areas prone to spills or water accumulation.
  • Warning: Moving Vehicles - Clearly communicate areas with moving vehicles, essential for garages with ongoing vehicle maintenance.
  • Emergency Exit Signs - Our top priority is safety. Guide occupants to the nearest exit in case of an emergency.

Garage Workshop Safety Signs

In a busy garage workshop, effective communication is key. Our garage workshop safety signs are crafted to convey essential information efficiently, contributing to a safer and more organised workspace.

  • Eye Protection Required - Prioritise eye safety with our signs, serving as a visual reminder for workers and visitors.
  • No Smoking - Maintain a safe environment by clearly marking non-smoking areas, helping prevent fire hazards.

Substrates for your garage and mechanics workshop signs

• Vinyl Sticker
• Hightack Vinyl Sticker
• Fluted Correx Board
• Foam Board
• Rigid Plastic
• Alumininium Board - Our premium board.

Mechanics Signs

Designed with mechanics in mind, our mechanics signs cater to the specific needs of automotive professionals. Whether you run a professional auto repair shop or have a personal garage, these signs are essential for ensuring a safe working environment.

  • Authorised Personnel Only - Limit access to designated areas with our signs, helping control access and enhance overall safety.
  • Safety First: Wear Protective Gear - Encourage a safety-first mindset with our signs, reminding mechanics to wear necessary protective gear.