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Fire Action - If you discover a fire 5 point action sign - FACT0015

Fire Action - If you discover a fire 5 point action sign - FACT0015

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This essential signage lays out a clear, concise five-step plan designed to guide individuals through the correct procedures in the event of a fire, ensuring a calm and organised response.

Manufactured from high-grade, durable materials, this sign is built to last and maintain visibility in various settings, whether it's placed indoors or outdoors. It features bold, easy-to-read text and intuitive symbols, making it accessible and understandable to everyone, thereby facilitating quick action during emergencies.

Perfectly suited for a wide array of environments such as commercial spaces, educational institutions, industrial sites, and residential buildings, this sign plays a critical role in enhancing safety protocols. It helps ensure compliance with fire safety regulations, boosting the overall preparedness of the premises against fire hazards.

By outlining key actions — from raising the alarm to closing doors to reduce the spread of fire — our "Fire Action - If You Discover a Fire 5 Point Action" safety sign is an indispensable tool in your fire safety arsenal, prioritising the well-being and security of all occupants. Equip your space with this sign to reinforce a culture of safety and vigilance.

Turnaround and Delivery

Once we have received your order, production will be in 2 working days, the first working day being the next day. Delivery is made via DPD. Once completed we put your order on a next-working-day delivery depending on your location.


Collections for your sign/sticker can be made directly from our Burnley Production Facility.


Finished Size 250mm x 300mm
Printed Sides Single Sided
Print Four colour process (CMYK)