Collection: Mandatory - Personal Protective Equipment Signs

Welcome to our extensive assortment of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Signs

Your one-stop destination for promoting workplace safety. Our PPE signs are crafted to effectively communicate crucial safety messages, ensuring the well-being of your workforce in various industrial settings.

Equip your workplace with essential safety reminders, including:

  1. Eye Protection Must Be Worn: Prioritise vision safety with our eye protection signs. Remind employees and visitors to wear protective eyewear in designated areas.
  2. Use Ear Protectors: Create a noise-conscious environment with our ear protection signs. Clearly mark zones where ear protection is mandatory for a safer work atmosphere.
  3. Safety Helmets Must Be Worn: Head safety is paramount. Our safety helmet signs emphasise the importance of wearing protective headgear, particularly in construction sites or high-risk areas.
  4. Protective Footwear Must Be Worn: Prevent foot injuries with our protective footwear signs. Clearly communicate the necessity of wearing sturdy, protective shoes in designated areas.
  5. Wear High Visibility Clothing: Enhance visibility and reduce accident risks with our high visibility clothing signs. These signs are crucial for areas where being seen is essential for safety.

Our PPE signs are available on a variety of substrates to suit your specific needs:

  • Choose the flexibility of Vinyl Sticker for durable, weather-resistant signage indoors or outdoors.
  • Opt for cost-effective Fluted Correx Board for temporary or semi-permanent displays.
  • Invest in the sturdiness of Rigid Plastic for long-lasting signs in areas with higher durability requirements.
  • Consider the lightweight convenience of Foam Board for easy indoor mounting in less demanding environments.
  • Select the durability of Aluminium Board for outdoor applications and areas with harsh conditions.

Prioritise safety with our meticulously crafted PPE signs. Browse our collection to find the perfect match for your workplace, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and fostering a secure working environment for everyone.