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Fire Action - Lift receiver and dial 999 sign - FACT0021

Fire Action - Lift receiver and dial 999 sign - FACT0021

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This essential signage is meticulously crafted to guide individuals on the critical step of alerting emergency services in the event of a fire. By providing clear, straightforward instructions to lift the telephone receiver and dial 999, this sign plays a pivotal role in initiating a swift emergency response, crucial for ensuring safety and minimising harm.

Produced using high-quality, durable materials, the sign is designed to withstand both indoor and outdoor environments, guaranteeing that its vital message remains visible and legible under all conditions. The sign incorporates bold, easy-to-read text and intuitive symbols, ensuring that the instructions are quickly understood by everyone, regardless of their prior knowledge of emergency procedures.

Perfectly suited for a variety of settings, including office buildings, educational institutions, residential complexes, and public spaces, this sign is an indispensable part of your fire safety measures. It not only helps in fulfilling legal and moral safety obligations but also significantly enhances the emergency preparedness of your facility.

Install our "Fire Action - Lift Receiver and Dial 999" safety sign to instil a sense of responsibility and readiness, ensuring that all occupants are equipped with the knowledge to act effectively and efficiently in the face of fire emergencies.

Turnaround and Delivery

Once we have received your order, production will be in 2 working days, the first working day being the next day. Delivery is made via DPD. Once completed we put your order on a next-working-day delivery depending on your location.


Collections for your sign/sticker can be made directly from our Burnley Production Facility.


Finished Size 200mm x 200mm
Printed Sides Single Sided
Print Four colour process (CMYK)